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February 21st, 2019

Die Post hat heute neuen Lesestoff gebracht. @t3n

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@jessep @WorkFlowy Great news, thank you! Any time frame for these? (As a developer myself I’m sorry for asking… 😉)

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@WorkFlowy I’m using WorkFlowy for a couple of years now – and it’s great! But I still have two feature requests I would like to see in it one day:
1. Images! I would like to add one or more images to individual items.
2. Ability to link to other items from individual items.

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@BlackChester Oha! Ja, bei zwei Standorten geht sowas natürlich. Dann alles Gute für/in Berlin! Ich glaube, wir haben es nie geschafft, uns in Köln mal (wenn auch nur zufällig) zu treffen, oder? 😅 Dann halt mal in Berlin!

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@BlackChester Waswaswas? Wo geht’s hin? Hab nichts mitbekommen.

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garywhitta The real story here is how Nintendo USA is now run by a guy named Bowser.…

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If you’re interested in learning @vuejs, check out @VueMastery’s free weekend, which begins tomorrow. (Photo of @greggpollack announcing this on last week’s @vuejsamsterdam.) →

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Website Carbon Calculator – How much carbon dioxide does your website

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